Vehicles owned by differently abled

Invalid carriage vehicles or vehicles owned by the differently abled need special attention, concession and facilities , the reasons of which hardly need to be elaborated. Whether at the start of the very process of manufacturing vehicles for them or subsequently at various stages like exemption from paying Road Tax and even allowing such vehicles have a distinct identity mark etc are only their entitlements and not any sort of largesse or ex-gratia concessions. We, as a society owe that much of consideration for members of this group who too are part of the same society. Moreover, if we look at the statistics andrelevant data in respect of accidents caused by plying of these vehicles on the roads , satisfaction can be derived about absolutely nil cases. They enthusiastically even take part in sports related to undertaking ”adventurous” long journeys by driving vehicles almost non-stop except stoppages at fuel refilling points.
Having had such a background of the entire issue, it is absolutely quite encouraging and a welcome step by the Central Government in asking States and Union Territories to extend various concessions and exemptions to those of the differently abled owning vehicles and invalid carriage vehicles. Like this, their mobility and movement could be facilitated and further encouraged. Which are the invalid carriage vehicles, the same are clearly mentioned in the relevant provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act. It may be noted that only last month, through an amendment to the said Act, which dealt with issues regarding matters like ownership details in Registration Documents for facilitating movement of physically challenged persons, the position was going to improve much.
Concessions and benefits in respect of paying GST etc are being provided to persons with disabilities under various schemes of the Government for purchase, ownership and operation of motor vehicles. It is imperative , however, and which needs to be ensured too, that proper particulars and details are incorporated in the documents like registration forms etc so as to make it no mere probabilities to avail various concessions and benefits under Government schemes by the differently abled.