Value Education

This refers to the article ‘Value education in school “DE.May18,2019
The author has aptly stressed upon value education in school .No doubt we are living on the land of saints sages, priests and renowned philosophers. Once there was a time when we were the only torch bearer for the entire world. Our education system was completely focussed on enrichment and transmission of these traits (value education)to next generation. But in today’s materialistic and self centric society all these qualities are vanishing from our education system.
Now we are merely focussing on coverage of lengthy curriculums, projects and other assignments.
Nobody is showing his keen interest in inculcation and nourishment of these traits in adolescents mind. With the privatization of education sector our formal education institutions now turn into money minting shops. Race of competition and professional spirit of academic excellence has taken importance over real essence and motive of education . As a result ,we find a stress prone and introvert society everywhere.
Under such a deteriorating state only school can play its pivotal role in the nourishment and inculcation of value education among students. If we are able to equip our children with value based education at an early stage then our tomorrow will be in safe and civilized hands. Moreover, collaborative efforts are needed from parents,teachers and society to regain our old age enriched culture and prestige of value education system.
Shyam Sundan