Vaibhav Palhade is all set to make his debut in Hollywood in collaboration with Turn Up Tobi.

The industry is buzzing with the news of another Bollywood entity to debut in Hollywood. Vaibhav Palhade is going to be one of those Bollywood celebrities who is going to work in Hollywood. He is making his debut as a director in the video of the famous Hollywood American music director “Turn Up Tobi”.

The thing about this collaboration is that it is going to be a unique one. Two people coming from totally different backgrounds are coming together to create something unique in its own sense. The whole industry is eagerly waiting to see the outcome of these working buddies.

Vaibhav is a young film director and music composer who is known in India for his amazing working style. He is just 24 and hails from the Akola district of Maharashtra. Vaibhav published his first book, “Saajna Re,” during the lock-down in 2020, and the audience praised and enjoyed it. Additionally, a few days ago, he revealed his much-anticipated web series, “Curse of Bhadravati.” Vaibhav is a gifted writer in addition to being an admirable director. His movies consistently address social issues.

Additionally, in 2021, Vaibhav Palhade made his debut as a music director, winning fans heart by creating beautiful music songs. City Girls Yeah, Animalia, Love Capsule, Shiv Tandav, and Colors of My Life were a few of his well-known trances. The young people were really pleased of In Trance. He received a lot of praise for the short film he made, “I Am Porous,” in Indian cinema.. Throughout 2018, his movie appeared on YouTube’s popular list. In the present, the online series “Parallel Relationship” and the “Curse of Bhadravati,” both of which will be launched on OTT in 2024, as well as the Marathi movie “72 Rupees Paus”.

This out of the world collaboration looks promising to his fans and everyone is eagerly waiting to see if the music series will be directed and compiled by Vaibhav Palhade.