Vaastu Shastra in modern India

Aarushi Sadhotra
Shastrenanen Savasya Lokasya Paramsukham
Shlip Shastra Parigyan Mrityoapi Sujetaam Vrajet
Parmanand Janak Devan Midimiritam Shilp Vina Nahi Jagtishu Lokeshu Vidyate
Jagad Vina Na Shilpanch Vartate Vasauprabho
Meaning – Because of Vaastu Shastra, the whole universe gets good health, happiness and all round prosperity. Human beings attain divinity with this knowledge. Followers of VAASTU SHASTRA get not only worldly pleasure but also experience heavenly bliss.
With the above shloka, it is very much clear that VAASTU SHASTRA is universal.It is not confined to any particular group of people in the development of all human being irrespective of any caste, creed or religion.Having understood the importance of Vaastu Shastra, lets understand what it is. AlthoughVaastushastra has been defamed as a superstition by all those who are unaware of the scientific facts behind the application of its principles, however people having slight knowledge of our age old Vedas or having some respect about the history of Indian culture and architecture would know how Intelligent and foresighted were our sages and seers. Everything that our modern science and scientists are inventing now has already been well utilised and applied in the past by our seers.But we Indians in spite of being successors of those intellectual saints, question our own history and deny to believe in anything unless proved by US, UK or other big countries research centre.
Question here is,why is it that new generation is not accepting the rich legacy our ancestors left behind for us? Why cannot we trust what our Vedas or Granth says? Why do we need some foreign body to acclaim the benefits that our Vedic practices offers?
Fault is not in the present younger generation, if they don’t follow anything blindly and ask for logic behind everything but of the environment and atmosphere created around them over ages. Hundreds of dynasties have ruled India and robbed her off everything rich she had, including the divine knowledge possessed by our saints. One more mistake committed by our divine saints was that all the knowledge shared used to be through verbal means and nothing was written anywhere with the fear of misuse of knowledge by other Varna. Unfortunately, the science behind Vaastu also cannot be readily deciphered, as the original texts itself are not available and this situation is exploited by many and have renamed Vaastu as Superstition. Though western countries have been conducting various researches on the principle of Vaastu Shastra and few ideologies have been scientifically accepted for their importance for healthy life however we in India still doubt our own literatures and look for scientific reasons behind everything said by our ancestors. Its again surprising that Vaastu Shastra has growing importance abroad but in India people still tag it as superstition.
Whatever has been preached by our sages is only to have a happy and healthy life. Vaastu-Shastra is one subject which ensures you a wholesome life of health, happiness and prosperity. As per Veda’s 60 percent of human problems disappear if his house is made as per Vaastu tenants. Vaastu Shastra- The Art and Science of building a dwelling, which ensures that every place in a house is given a particulate direction as per Vaastu principles. For instance, Pooja Room, Prayer Room or Meditation Room can be built in NE for growth and prosperity, Master Bedroom in southwest for stability, kitchen in South East and Living Room or Guest room in North West. Building a Vaastu complaint house is not difficult and can be easily constructed under supervision of a Vaastu Expert but challenge is making an already built-up house, Vaastu complaint. But with the growth of scientific Vaastu, it is now feasible and possible to make a house completely Vaastu acquiescent. Vaastu today is not just restricted to building house as per laws of Vaastu, but it is a vast subject which also includes balancing five elements of vaastu-fire, air, earth, water and space, within a house as well as human body through Ayurveda, Meditation, Mantra Chanting, Naturotherapy, Color Therapy. Maintaining Vaastu of a human body is as important as maintaining Vaastu of the house made of bricks. With invention and development of various tools like Lecher Antenna, Electro Magnetic Field reader, Soil Testing devices etc, it is very easy to check the energy level of a house and growth of scientific Vaastu resolves all the problems detected by these tools effectively and efficiently. Scientific and logical Vaastu balances five elements of a dwelling through mirrors, plants, placement of furniture and other Articles, paints and colors schemes, Crystals, paintings and usage of many simpler yet effective household material.
Jammu has a rich cultural heritage. People here are still connected to their roots. Anyone can witness the presence of faith and belief, they have on the practices followed by age old people, they are innocent and not much exposed to the problem a family can encounter due to the Vaastu flaws. With Vaastu blessings, I am trying to take a step forward in spreading awareness in my very own city, about benefits Vaastu complaint house, flats, colony offers. Until now Vaastu Consultation meant a dent to your pocket and was restricted to upper class people of society, Vaastu consultation of course is still a business and very expensive service in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc but Vaastu blessings is in no rat race of minting money and neither into any business to compete with other Vaastu experts. We at Vaastu blessings are making a genuine effort to provide effective Vaastu consultation to each and every needy in Jammu, at a very affordable price, so that even middle and lower middle class people could understand the advantage a perfect Vaastu home offers and enjoy the blessings it offers in terms of growth, prosperity, health and happiness.