Utilizing Social Responsibility Corpus Fund

The Fund created in the year 2016 by the Government, Excise Department has not come up to the expectations of effectively utilizing the Social Responsibility Corpus Fund for various philanthropic purposes and activities chiefly to minimise the harmful effects of consumption of liquor. Accounts and Administrative Executive wings of the Department are primarily required to enhance revenues as it is the major revenue earning Department of the state but must work in tandem to ensure controlling and regulating liquor intoxicants and expend monies from the said fund to reduce the harmful effects of drinking liquor.
The activities include educating the public about the effects of drinking and in particular the consequences of addiction , hazards of driving when inebriated , providing ambulance services on National Highways and allied emergencies, provide necessary equipment to Hospitals like ventilators, oxygen concentrators, etc which could go a long way in meeting social and philanthropic responsibilities. Not only this, the utility and the scope of the fund being varied, even Traffic personnel are supposed to get such equipment and devices like breath analysers etc to effectively monitor and prevent drunken driving on roads. Since prevention of smuggling and illicit distillation of liquor is one of the chief functions of the State Excise Department, rehabilitation of the families involved in such illicit liquor trade too comes under the scope of the Fund so that they could take up alternate means of livelihood , the Department is required to take care of their skill development also.
It has been found that the objectives behind creating of this Fund have not been achieved up to the satisfactory levels which must be looked into keeping in view the responsibility of the Department felt and the hopes pinned in it by the Government to make effective use of the Fund. The State Health Department too must keep proper liaison and must interface with the Excise Department and vice versa instead of generating any avoidable controversies so that the Fund could achieve proper end-use.