Usurping prime land at Humhama

Readers may kindly recall that ‘Excelsior’ had, a few weeks back raised the issue,through these very columns, about how prime land at Humhama near Srinagar airport had been encroached upon by some State officers including Police officers as also a few politicians.
It is surprising that the detailed and explicit findings of a committee of officers appointed to inquire into the entire issue of land grabbing, the Government has retracted when the moment came to take action in the matter. Is it not a fact that huge chunk of Kah- Charai land and other state land in Humhama area had been illegally grabbed by some influential state officers and politicians? If so, why the inquiry report is just treated as a ruse? Should such a partisan and negative approach of the state administration compel the watchful eyes of the public file court cases in the form of PILs to invoke courts’ intervention?
Are some “inner ones” in the Revenue Department hand in gloves with the beneficiaries of the “Sarkari” land? Have revenue records been tampered with, altered or dealt with in any other manner so as to offer documentary support to encroachers? These vital questions need answers from the Government. In the mean time, the State Administration is urged to take action in the matter and thus lend credence to enquiry report / findings of the committee of officers that probed the loot. Enquiry reports, probe findings, audit reports and any other type of investigations should, prima facia be given due place for proper appraisal with an aim to punish the guilty rather than find exit routes to condone or exonerate the guilty and only then the concept of “fighting corruption” shall carry some meaning. The matter is sensitive as well as serious.