US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, Zoom partner to provide free video tech for schools in India

NEW DELHI, Apr 7: The US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) and Zoom Video Communications have partnered to provide free access to video technologies for K-12 education institutions in India.
“USISPF and Zoom will work with the Government of India, state governments, and non-profit organisations in education to ensure that the maximum number of school-going children are able to access Zoom’s technologies free of cost and continue their education virtually at an extremely challenging time,” a statement said.
The current lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many schools transitioning to video-conferencing.
In India, the transition has been challenging for multiple reasons, including cost, resulting in millions of students across the country not being able to continue their education, the statement noted.
“American companies are continuing to step up in all ways possible to help citizens of India during these extraordinary circumstances.The partnership is a win-win between American industry’s technological capabilities and the urgent need to solve the education challenges that India’s students face during this health crisis,” USISPF President Mukesh Aghi said.
Sunil Madan, chief information officer of Zoom Video Communications, said the partnership with USISPF will help the company accelerate vital support to students, families and schools during these extremely challenging circumstances. (PTI)