US House blocks impeachment of President, yet holds Trump officials in contempt

WASHINGTON, July 18: The Democratic-controlled US House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to block a measure calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump although the chamber approved holding two administration officials in contempt.
The resolution to impeach Trump was blocked by a 332-95-1 vote on Wednesday.
However, on a separate issue, the chamber did vote to hold US Attorney General William Bar and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt for refusing to abide subpoenas over placing a citizenship question on the census.
The chamber voted in favor of holding the two Trump administration officials in contempt by a 230-198 vote.
The White House in a statement called the vote to hold Barr and Ross in contempt “another lawless attempt” to harass the president.
“Instead of accepting the numerous good-faith efforts of accommodation the Departments have made, Democrats continue to demand documents that are subject to executive privilege. House Democrats know they have no legal right to these documents, but their shameful and cynical politics know no bounds,” the White House said after Wednesday’s vote.