US to cancel $300 million aid to Pakistan

Price for misadventures like patronizing terror while claiming monetary aid in the name of “fighting” terrorism must be paid and as if international isolation of Pakistan on that count was not enough to bring it round in changing its terror policy , the United States has decided to out- rightly cancel $300 million military aid to the terror country.
President Trump has felt and rightly so, that with the change of guard in Pakistan, there were no prospects of any change in the avowed state policy of that country towards patronizing terrorism in its entirety excepting feigning some cosmetic actions on the Afghan Pakistan border areas. Its perceptible and assertive action against terror groups like the Haqqani network and Lashkar-e-Toiba having been found nonexistent and instead engineering terror acts in Afghanistan using those very terrorists, to eliminate which it has been seeking aid and monetary grants from the US, the Pentagon has announced its firm decision about cancelling the aid as “we have got nothing but lies and deceit”.
Interestingly but brazenly, the Pakistan Foreign Minister SM Qureshi has given a new spin to the cancelled US aid by saying that the amount was Pakistan’s own as she had already spent this amount from “our own resources for shared goal of war against terrorism”. Well, that is seen from the happenings in Afghanistan, Kashmir and elsewhere about which Pakistan cannot mislead the comity of nations any more.