Urdu writers of Jammu

Sadaket Ali Malik

Name : Urdu Writers of Jammu Province (Subha Jammu Ke Urdu Qalamkar”
Author : Wali Mohammed Aseer Kishtwari
Publisher : Iqra Publisher Behrot Rajouri. The Jammu & Kashmir Urdu Forum, Jammu.

The book “Urdu writers of Jammu Province (Subha Jammu ke Urdu Qalamkar” are having two volumes. The Volume 1 mentions the works, biography and critical analysis of 35 personalities whereas Volume 2 of the book has a mention of 32 personalities, their works, methodology, style of writing, biography and critical analysis. Former is having 528 pages and later 560 pages.
This book is timely, and, in a sense, was overdue to know Urdu writers of Jammu province who have put an indelible mark in the field of Urdu poetry and Urdu literature.
The book authored by Wali Mohd Aseer is a milestone in the field of Urdu literature.
The author conducted rigorous research and has kept alive not only the Urdu literature but also the history and kashmiri literature too. Having 47 books to his credit, he has kept alive Urdu in Jammu and Kashmir. The works of the author like “Focus on” Jammu and Kashmir “and the History of the saints of Jammu Kashmir” received the Best Award from the State Cultural Academy.
Bihar Urdu Academy, Patna also awarded the prize for his works being the best book. He was also awarded the State Awards in recognition of his outstanding performance in the field of literature. In addition, many of these literary and cultural organizations felicitated him with prizes and awards. Many research scholars are doing researches on the works and literary contributions of Aseer Kishtwari.
The books volume I and II contain the biographical references of thirty seven writers. There are several aspect which have been highlighted here. One of them is the names of the writers and their works and the important areas of life. It also brings to light the areas in which Urdu is popular or unpopular. It also focuses on the Urdu writers of Valley of Chenab, Pir Panjal and Jammu where the Urdu writers have done a lot in the field of Urdu literature especially poetry which inturn helped a lot for the promotion of the literary skills, keeping the society updated about the works and contributions of these writers and in a long run for the promotion and preservation of Urdu language and literature. This book not only refreshes the history in mind but will also bring a lot in terms of geography. Writers around Jammu Province which has mention in the book, will serve as an important source for researchers. The special thing is that it contains writers who continue their work with more enthusiasm.
The twin volumes of “Urdu writers of Jammu Province (Subha Jammu ke Urdu Qalamkar” are first of its kind to research on the legend and young poets, critical analysis, style of writing and literary tune of these poets. It is in itself a daunting task to collect and study more scores of these writers and poets. The works have indeed helped and will certainly help in identifying construction of Urdu in this region and will inspire the budding writers too. The third volume of the same series is in pipeline by the author.
The author has preserved a literary history, and thus this book is a source of research and criticism. This book can be considered as a comprehensive history of Urdu literature of Jammu province.
The volume I of the book focusses on the biography, works and critical research on the legend poets nd writers who played a key role for the origin and development of the Urdu language in the Jammu region. They include:
Kamgar Kishtwari, Rasa Javadani, Dewan Narsingh Dass Nargis, Chirag Hussain Hasrat, Tehseen Jafri, Nishat Kishtwari, Allah Rakha Sagar, Ishrat Kashmiri, Qudtrat-u-llah Shohab, Thakur Poonchi, Dr. Sukhdev Singh Charak, wafa Bhaderwahi, Ghulam Nabi Goni, Mukesh Kashmiri, Sayeed ullah Malik Hazeen, Arsh Sehbai, Pushkar Nath, Tawus Banihali, Bashir Bhaderwahi, Khirsheed Kazmi, Pandit Vidya Rattan Aasi, Nishat Kishtwari, Shad Fareed Abadi, Shahbaz Rajourvi, Mushtaq Fareedi, Fida Rajourvi, Ushaq Kishtwari, Mirza Mohammed Yaseen Beg, Dr. Jatinder Udhampuri, Khalid Hussain, Talib Hussain Rind, and Manshoor Banihali.
The second volume of the book on Urdu writers likewise covers the diverse element of Urdu poetry, saga and style of writing of people from Urdu literature with special reference to Jammu province.
In volume 2 of the book The Urdu writers of Jammu Province (Subha Jammu Ke Urdu Qalamkar” the author has elucidated the literary contributions from Asad Bhaderwahi to Tariq Abrar.
The volume 2 of book highlights the poets and writers like Assad Bhaderwahi, Zameer Fareedi, Balum Bhaderwahi, Fida Kishtwari, Prof. Marghoob Banihali, Maalik Ram Anand, Tanveer Bhaderwahi, Aas Bhaderwahi, Rehmtullah Banihali, Dr. Abdul Majeed Bhaderwahi, Ghulam Qadir Mughal, Zulfiqar Pogali, Sabir Mirza, Khursheed Ahmed Bismil, Taskeen Badanvi, Amin Sabonia, Muhammad Ayub Shabnam, Sagar Sehrai, Shaz Sharqi, Pritpal Singh Betab, Bailraj Bakhshi, Ahmed Shinas, Anand lehar, Zahir Banihali, Maulana Asri, Bashir Ahmed Tishna, Zanfar Khoker, Amin Banhali, Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Wani, Dr. Daljit Darma , Dr. Rafeeq Anjum, Anzer Furqanabadi, Yogendra Pal Tair, Dr. Guljabeen Saba, Dr. Karan Singh Karan, Dr. Yash Paul Sharma, Dr. Chaman Lal Bhagat, Dr. Afshan, Dr. Khalid Rasool, Dr. Shahnaz Qadri, Dr. Muhammad Asif Alimi, Noureen Shah, Fani Ayaz Goolvi, and Tariq Abrar has a mention in this book. The efforts have been put in by the author to showcase the biography, writings, style, in a very research oriented manner. Urdu writers of Jammu Province (Subha Jammu Ke Urdu Kalamkar” has an object to make the generations familiar of the poetry and other writings by the those rated high at the realm of Urdu literature in Jammu region. The project is still and the Part III of the similar project will follow which will have focus on the left out writers, poets of the Jammu region.
This work on Urdu poets and writers of the author shows its importance in both cases: one is that the work so far will be safe and the other is that the writers / poets included in this project will continue literary journey and be more active in quest for the best. The book will serve as a source of inspiration for the budding young writers too.
The people of literature are sure that this effort of Aseer Sahib is like his previous published books. It will attract the attention of researchers, critics and serious readers.