Upgrade Patnitop, Mantalai tourist facilities

It sounds queer that integrated development of tourist facilities at Mantalai and Patnitop has not picked up the momentum under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme of Union Tourism Ministry. The sanction of Rs. 97.82 crore under the scheme was accorded in September 2016 for integrated development of tourist facilities at Mantalai , Sudhmahadev and Patnitop but more than two years have passed since the project concerned was sanctioned but without any major results. It is again difficult to comprehend that the Central Government is providing the financial support , yet we are appearing to be doing nothing at the State ground level . The first instalment of Rs.19.58 crore has not been utilized so far by the implementing agency .
Such an approach defeats the very purpose of launching of ambitious schemes by the Central Government to promote tourism and tourist related activities and eclipses the impact on the public about how the Central Government was otherwise focussing on development of tourism and related activities especially in Jammu and Kashmir State. The State has further to get Rs. 78 crore for the project which, however, is linked to the timely submission of the Utilization Certificate to the Ministry of Tourism. We urge the Government to ensure that the required momentum be arranged to be infused in the project , of course, with increased cooperation of the State authorities with the National Projects Construction Corporation and procedural formalities not made hostage to red- tape.