Upgradation of Kargil-Zanskar Road

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, and his team deserve Kudos for initiating the upgrade and widening of the 230-kilometer-long Kargil-Zanskar Road in Ladakh. This project, which is a vital segment of National Highway 301, is a significant step towards improving connectivity and infrastructure in this challenging terrain.
The Minister’s announcement, shared through a series of tweets, highlights the significant progress made in this extensive project. With the successful completion of Package 5 and the scheduling of Packages 6 and 7 for this fiscal year, it is evident that this endeavor is moving forward with determination and dedication.
Upon its completion, this all-weather road will not only serve as a crucial infrastructure asset for facilitating troop and heavy artillery movement but also holds the potential to spur economic development and boost tourism in the region. The significance of this project goes beyond strategic importance; it has the power to transform the lives of the people living in this remote area.
I must commend the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for championing this ambitious initiative, which reflects a commitment to achieving efficient, trouble-free, and environmentally conscious mobility in the border region. The development of such critical infrastructure is a testament to the government’s dedication to the welfare and progress of our nation.
Rigzin Dorjay