Update Websites

Updating of websites and deleting obsolete stuff should be the routine affair with the Government departments on a continuous basis and without any break whatsoever. Not to do it only in compliance of the instructions from the top administrative mechanism but prudence , discretion and above all simple common sense demands that the websites remain attuned to changes taking place especially those that were concerning the particular department, the most. After all, what is,otherwise, the utility and the efficacy of a website being there in respect of each and every department if correct information was not on it ? Times are fast changing andadvent of e- Governance and focus on web- enablement have revolutionised the information system which one can now easily get sitting right in one’s home . In other words, now information in respect of each and every thing about Government departments must be shared with the public on demand as allowed by rules and the procedures prevalent and in the spirit of Right to Information Act. Are the departments under Government control in Jammu and Kashmir updated about the latest information which is loaded on the concerned websites even after clear cut instructions from the Lieutenant Governor, the answer is big “No” but again the question arises “But Why”?
Not only the information must be quite latest but quality of content , its standard , the service delivery mechanism and allied issues must be up to the usual expectations and with a view to enhance Government citizen interaction through the medium of internet facilities. How much ludicrous, incoherent , messy and confused the scenario looks in respect of numerous departments containing obsolete information or stale and redundant information as those, whose job was to keep all such information updated, have failed to do it and thus violated the instructions and exhibited that it was not perhaps all that mandatory by nature. The surfers, as such, stand not only misinformed but made to face the resultant difficulties as well . How much time was in fact needed in updating such information when to do the same was duly instructed by the Lt. Governor on November 19 and the same was to be all completed by November 22. As on date, many departments could not ‘get time’ or perhaps the time given should have been months and years or at best left to the whims of those who headed such defaulting departments. Why should not the pay and salaries of such defaulters be withheld should be the line of action thought by the Lt. Governor to get the things done in Jammu and Kashmir in such cases.
We have National Portal of India launched by National Informatics Centre (NIC) and to further strengthen the portal , guidelines are formulated for Government websites of any department of Governments in the states and the Union Territories, any constituent of the Government at any level to be kept updated to prove user friendly and easily assessable and it is in that context also our Government departments must carry latest, updated , correct , lucid and pointed information on their respective websites. The sooner the same is got done, the better would it be.