UP govt guarantees your security: Adityanath to investors, entrepreneurs

GORAKHPUR (UP), Sep 18 : Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath today assured investors and entrepreneurs that the government guarantees their security, recalling the “lawlessness” in the state before the BJP came to power.

Adityanath was speaking at a function where he distributed allocation letters to 97 entrepreneurs for 102 plots. Earlier, he inaugurated a plastic pipe factory in Sector 26 of GIDA (Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority) and also laid the foundation stone and inaugurated development works worth Rs 136 crore.

“The government is providing a conducive environment for security and all types of facilities. Online portals such as Nivesh Mitra and Nivesh Sarathi have been created for this purpose, and incentives are being provided by the government to investors without any hindrances,” the Chief Minister said.

The entire country is experiencing a positive atmosphere of development, security, and prosperity today, he added.

“Everyone knows what was the situation in Uttar Pradesh before 2017, and specifically, what the condition of Gorakhpur was five to seven years ago. Crime and mafia held sway over every system. Lawlessness was at its peak. The state experienced riots every other day. Corruption was rampant. In such an environment, the youth of the state faced an identity crisis,” Adityanath said.

“Development work had come to a standstill. No one invested in an unsafe environment. All institutions were moving towards devaluation. This was the situation prevailing in Uttar Pradesh. However, in the last six years, after a double-engine government came to power in the state and under the guidance and leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the people have seen a transformed Uttar Pradesh,” he added.

Adityanath said that GIDA is the same area where in 2005-06, during the Samajwadi Party government, a slaughterhouse was being established.

“Today, there is no slaughterhouse here. Instead, there is an ethanol plant. Factories for pipe manufacturing are being set up for every household’s water connection plan. A dairy plant has also been established here. All of these provide employment to thousands of young people,” the Chief Minister said. (PTI)