Unwarranted Warning

The proverb “Pot calling the kettle black ” is fully applicable to the Directorate of School Education Jammu. On one hand, entire system of Educational administration is in mess, while on the other hand there is a notice displayed on the notice board of Directors office, Jammu which reads as follows,” It is observed that some teachers remain visiting this office and roaming around the Directorate which is against rules”. It further reads that the teachers who wanted to visit the Directorate should get permission from their respective ZEOs and any body violating the rules shall be punished. It sounds well, but raises many questions.
These are:
* Why do teachers visit the Directorate ?
* Is the Directorate a tourist place for the teachers ?
* Is there any grievances redressal system developed by the Directorate ?
* Are the problems of teachers have ever been identified ?
Though none of the concerned authorities would be able to answer these questions, I would like to say that there is a rule of jungle prevailing in the Schools Education Department. It is very shocking to note that the teachers and masters who have been posted in the schools covered under SSA project have not been given the benefits of seventh pay commission recommendations. There are many teachers who are without salary for many months. There are the teachers who have not been given a fair treatment in transfers and postings. Similarly, there are a number of problems created by the concerned authorities for which the teachers are being blamed and punished.
Hence it is very ridiculous to display warnings on notice board for the teachers after victimizing them. So, the concerned authorities should retrospect before displaying such notices.
O P Sharma
Bagnoti Nowshera.