Unwarranted criticism

I am writing this email to express my deep disappointment upon reading the recent article by Anil Sehgal about Padmashree Padma Sachdev ji in Daily Excelsior. It is disheartening to witness such an unwarranted attack on the reputation of a Duggar Icon.
Padma Sachdev’s immense contributions to promoting our Dogra heritage are undeniable and it is with great pride that we have a Women’s college of Gandhi Nagar named in her honour. However, Mr. Anil Sehgal’s article has not only tarnished her image but has also left me as a Dogra , feeling insulted.
It is essential to safeguard the integrity of our local heroes like Padma Sachdev, who have made a significant contributions to our community.
Jitender Singh Jamwal
Dogra Samaj Trust Delhi