Unsolicited political intervention and School buildings

How wantonly public money is wasted and funds earmarked for specific public welfare measures under Centrally Sponsored Schemes in Jammu and Kashmir at the behest of and due to the uncalled for intervention by certain politicians has been shockingly noticed in the form of constructing nearly 2000 school buildings. These buildings were neither required nor properly indented for and now their fate is under the category of “abandoned” assets.
This all was done just to keep vote bank interests supreme and to provide benefit to others related to acquiring land and constructing these buildings in different districts of the then state by successive Governments. The way found out was by dissipating and wilfully diverting funds released by the central Government for promoting Sarv Shksha Abhiyan and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan schemes. These assets built by virtually squandering crores of Rupees have been lying unused thus getting wasted all these years but now are proposed to be used to house Anganwari Centres, Residential Homes, Patwar Khanas, Haat of Industries and Commerce department and the like. It is obvious that to make ”ground” for construction of these buildings, imaginary figures and misrepresentation of facts were resorted to and the two schemes sponsored by the Central Government thus violated and rendered ineffective in the real terms of implementation. However, the system perhaps provides an immunity to politicians for such acts.