Unlucky ‘13’ is lucky for Pranab

NEW DELHI, June 16:
‘13’ is a lucky number for Pranab Mukherjee, contrary to the general belief.
Pranab Mukherjee lives at 13, Talkatora Road in New Delhi and is expected to be the 13th President of India.
Mukherjee’s name came up as the UPA’s Presidential candidate and was revealed for the first time on Wednesday, June 13. The addition of first two digits of the age of 76-year-old veteran Congress leader also totals up to number 13.When asked about this figure playing a key role in his life, he said “I don’t have any superstition. I don’t believe in that. 13 is a lucky number. 13 means pure…13 (tera) is God.”
He recalled that when he moved into the current Talkatora Road bunglow as a Member of Parliament, he was cautioned by many that the number 13 means unlucky. But it did not happen, and Mukherjee all through held key positions of power and is all set to move up to the country’s top post. (PTI)