Unlicensed and unauthorised abattoirs

With a view to regulating and functioning of abattoirs allowed by the competent authorities and constructed on modern lines with intent to be environmental friendly, the Division Bench of the State High Court has directed both the Jammu Municipal Corporation as well as Srinagar Municipal Corporation to arrange construction of three slaughter houses, 2 in Jammu and one in Srinagar on priority basis. The plea usually taken by the MCs of shortage of funds has been side-lined as these Corporations were having ‘sufficient funds’ for the purpose as the 14th Finance Commission grants have been made available to them.Since the MCs should have on their own taken steps in this direction, but on account of the general practice , as a last resort of course, available with the aggrieved citizens is through court interventions, in the instant case too, a PIL had been filed and hence the directive of the court.
The associated issues with the construction of abattoirs on modern lines are how to rescue and shelter the sick , injured and handicapped animals which though many NGOs are looking after, yet it is incumbent upon the Government to provide to them the support base. Second most important thing about slaughtering animals for consuming is that most of them are slaughtered in shops, residences of mutton sellers, lanes etc thus avoiding scrutiny from the veterinary specialists before slaughterand in the process, the sick, infected and afflicted cattle are slaughtered and their flesh sold . It should be made mandatory to sell meat after the animal was slaughtered in an authorised abattoir only.