Unless political system changes, nothing will change: Varun


 BJP MP Varun Gandhi today called for change in India’s political system, including the right to recall elected representatives and more representation for women, saying people should have a greater say in democracy.

            He said people are less aware about the selection of their elected representatives, and choose them based on caste, religion and region, which is not the way to take the country forward.

            Addressing a Youth Conclave on Nation Building organised by Sri Krishna Institutions here, he said people should have the right to recall elected representatives, even though it can be abused, but in the long run it will help in realising “a direct democracy.”

            “Unless the political system changes, nothing will change, since people should matter and have more say, which will lead to a direct democracy,” Gandhi said.

            On reservation for women, the Lok Sabha member from Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh said only 11 per cent women are in Parliament and 9 per cent in state assemblies. He said largely relatives of political leaders were entering the Houses.

            “Without the suffix of Gandhi, I would not have addressed you today,” he said, adding that this system should change.

            Women who have no political background should enter politics, Gandhi said.

            He said India now has its first woman defence minister in Nirmala Sitharaman, but the Supreme Court has had only six women judges since 1950.

            He said the problem is people do not challenge the system, adding that they need not depend on those who are bad and corrupt.

            The 37-year-old leader said the solution for these problem lies with the youth, who should fight to make the dreams of people come true. (PTI)


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