Unhealthy diet major risk factor in diseases: Dr Sushil

HoD Cardiology GMC Jammu Dr Sushil Sharma examining people at ISKCON Udhampur on Sunday.
HoD Cardiology GMC Jammu Dr Sushil Sharma examining people at ISKCON Udhampur on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Sept 23: “Helping, fixing and serving denotes three different ways of seeing life. When we help, we see life as weak. When we fix, we see life as broken and when we serve, we see life as whole,” said Dr. Sushil Sharma, HoD Cardiology, GMC Jammu while conducting a day long camp with the inmates living in ISKCON, Udhampur. Spiritual care involves serving the whole person-the physical, emotional, social and spiritual. Best illustration of such care can be easily seen in ISKCON and similar other socio-religious institutions working in our State, he added.
While interacting with the inmates and people from the adjoining areas, he said unhealthy diet is a major risk factor in the development of non communicable diseases, which are responsible for about 63 % of deaths globally. One of the main characteristics of a healthy diet is the regular consumption of a variety of fruits and vegetable, which is associated with a lower risk of some cancers, coronary heart disease, hypertension, and stroke. Another important dietary factor related to health is fat intake. Not only what to eat but when to eat is also important.  It is important to mention that such health practices are endorsed and encouraged as a part of religious activity in such institutions.  It is due to the fact that most religions have specific dietary guidelines regarding what food to eat or avoid, and even when to eat. Many religions view the human body as sacred and include specific prohibitions against unhealthy behaviours, which are considered irreverent and not only harmful physically but also spiritually. Following a particular set of beliefs or on the path of spirituality helps one to shun numerous harmful behaviours such as smoking, alcohol drinking, substance abuse etc,’’ he added.
Others, who were part of this camp, included Dr. Mohi Kalsotra, Dr. Kewal Sharma and Dr Dhaneshwar Kapoor. Paramedics and Volunteers includes Gurmeet Singh, Kamal Sharma, Raghav Rajput,Vikas Kumar, Rajinder Singh, Bhanu Partap Singh, Harvinder Singh, Munish, Raj Kumar and numerous disciples of the temple.


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