Unexplored scenic spots of Bhalessa

Sadaket Malik

Bal Padri is having enough potential to hold back the tourist in the area for at least a fortnight. Imagine how much good it could do to the local economy. Places of pilgrimages if promoted will help bring tourists to these areas even while the infrastructure is being developed.
Bhalessa presents beautiful fields on way to Padri Top which could be promoted as health resorts as well as picnic spots. Padri Top is located on huge heights and one could find large snow field here even in the month of June. It is a valley made of small streams and White Nullahs flowing towards main valley of Bhalessa. This is also regarded as Nag Lotun. It is four kilometers away from Chamba Padri. Enough scope exists for Gandola rope ways. Bhadherwah to Kansar could be a good Gandola venture with Khanni Top, Padri Dhaar, Nagni MataTemple and Jaai Valley lying around Bhalessa.
Goha Dhar
Soti-Bal Padri road connects border of Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh. On the way there lies a beautiful Goha Dhar attracting most of the tourists here. In summers, there are nomadic tribes with their cattle. The cool Goha will attract tourists in large numbers.
Rohari Dhar
Almighty has bestowed the upper reaches of Bhalessa a sense of adventure spots. The beautiful Rohari Dhar lies near the Khaljugasar. The cold air touches the hearts of tourists here. On either side of Rohari there lies areas of Mankun and Chishool, The pedestrian can reach the area of Chamba within two hours. If we analyse the distance by road, if developed by the authorities, the area shall get directly connected with Himachal Pradesh, thereby opening the vistas of trade and knowing each others cultures and traditions.
Nagni Dar
In Chanti Ginshana area of Bhalessa, is located a picturesque Nagni, and is a main centre for tourists, school children, and locals.
Damoth Dhar
This beautiful valley of Bhalessa town is located on the upper reaches of Bharti-Dhosa on the one side and is spread up to chilly Mano-kota on the other side. The valley connects snow clad mountains in winter.
Mehal Dhar
Mehal Dhar is another picturesque valley of Bhalessa in Chilly area.The area is full of snowy mountains and presents a heart touching beauty to the tourists. In summer session, the Hindu pilgrims visit this place. Historically speaking, in ancient times, the valley was named after Prince Mehal Nag who lived here. He was Raja of Bhalessa.
The areas like Soti, Kakoti, Kota, Bonencha, Ghati, jawali, Padri constitute a single geographical unit and has been neglected area since time immemorial, The survey for the construction of road for these dislocated hamlets was done previously in 1982, but in vain. The successive Governments failed to implement the project and bring the area under the ambit of state tourism. The Adminstration is solicited to survey the Padri and connect it by a Tourist road. It will certainly boost the tourism potential of these areas hitherto unreached.