Unexpected Maze

Happy, joyful, playful I was
Finding myself unique with all my flaws,
That was the best part of the life
Seeing people happy made me smile;
Didn’t knew that happiness wouldn’t stay for long
I thought life would be easy but I was totally wrong,
I started to find changes within myself
I was a different person now;
Sadness, anger, sorrow was seen
My mind was not really clear and clean,
Crying alone, screaming at others was not what I wanted
I want my old life phase, as I don’t wanna Stuck in this unexpected maze.
Amany gupta
Class 8 Maple [JKPS]




Beneath the rocks a lil creature was found
Hiding there from faces of the ground
It lived there since the agony was profound
Scared of all scared of the fall
That life was beating fast , waiting for someone’s call
It tried and tried to leak out but no one called a halt
In all dark there his life resides
Better home than outside he never knew,
his urge increased to come off sides
Tried and came out to see his people,
there wasn’t any ache for his gone
The lil creature went inside to where he belonged
Beneath the rocks a strong creature was found
Hiding from the two faces of the ground
Devyani Chadha
Roop Nagar, Jammu


Whispers of the Chinar’s Heart

This century’s old Chinar, rooted deep in time,
has sheltered many beneath its soothing shade.
It has heard the joy of laughter’s chime,
and watched as some beneath it forever laid.
Though ages passed, its branches spread wide, witnessing stories of countless lives.
Moments of bliss and sorrow reside,
beneath this Chinar where time survives.
Like the seasons, Chinar leaves bloom and fall,
so is life, where all who come must go one day.
Silent Chinars stand, witnessing it all, seeing lives like leaves drift away.
Human existence mirrors the leaves’ brief stay,
when autumn comes, each leaf from branch does part.
Similarly, each person must someday depart this world,
bidding farewell to the loved ones’ hearts.
Who knows where you have wandered away,
forever resting in Chinar’s shade today.
Your words and laughter echo in my mind, memories of chutney and sweets left behind.
The hearty laughter, the childlike tears, worrying over sugar, then joy when it clears.
Cold winter nights by the warming fire, Stories and henna, moments true inspire.
All these memories I will cherish and miss, but life cycle is simply this.
Who comes must go, that is the way, silent Chinars witness day by day.
New leaves on the Chinar arise, in autumn’s fall, it seems so bare and shy.
It’s true that after night, the day will break, what’s gone will never fade for hearts’ sake.
Like a fresh spring, memories will stay, in the heart, forever they will play.
Though leaves may fall, and seasons shift, the love and moments remain a timeless gift.
Dr Daisy Parihar