UN snubs Pakistan

Refer news item ‘UN rejects Pak’s mediation offer; recalls bilateral Simla Agreement’ DE Aug 10, 2019.
Pakistan deserved the snub it got from United Nations. Pakistan has no right legally or morally to approach UN for solving the Kashmir imbroglio, as it has not respected the UN directive that Pakistan should withdraw its forces first from the PoK, before any understanding could be reached with India. Pakistan can do anything-good or bad in PoK, it may allow Chinese to build roads and ports in PoK, may allow Chinese troops to land in this disputed part, but won’t allow India do anything in its own Jammu and Kashmir. Isn’t it sheer hypocrisy on part of Pakistan? Pakistan can’t befool the world community with its day in and day out theatrics. Pakistan must keep off from Kashmir politics in its own interest. The earlier Pakistan realizes its folly, the better it would be for both the countries.
Rajesh Magotra