UN needs ‘comprehensive reforms’

Expressing concern over the United Nations not bringing in comprehensive reforms in itself to address issues regarding giving voice to all stakeholders, addressing contemporary challenges and focussing on human welfare all under the concept of a reformed multilateralism , Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the World Body to underline the needs of today’s interconnected world. The tenets of true statesmanship demand that without mincing any words, shortcomings must be pointed out in the functioning of the UN and identifying them so that remedial measures could be found out and that is what the Prime Minister did while addressing the high level meeting of the General Assembly to commemorate 75th anniversary of the United Nations. It was done through pre-recorded address as the event was held in a largely virtual format .
India is to take a seat at the UN Security Council as an elected non- permanent member for a two year term from the next year start and ascertaining that the duties of a member (even if non -permanent) comprised taking stock of the World Body where did it stand to address effectively issues like combating terrorism which was a threat to world peace and individual freedom, reformed multilateralism , dealing with the new but threatening menace of COVID-19 pandemic ,and other developmental issues. The need of the hour is that the UN must assert itself and take a call in unequivocal manner to deal with issues, threats, disparities , climatic changes and environment related issues, provocations and threats that could lead to large scale conflicts etc . It should not be looking taking sides or giving legitimacy to unsubstantiated and exaggerated reports from its various committees about issues in member countries. The PM made it clear that India was committed to work with all nations in this respect.
PM Narendra Modi , known for innovative and reformist approach to issues and problems, questioned the World Body as to how a structure based on 1945 conditions could address contemporary issues which in simple parlance meant changes, reforms, attuning to emerging situations and devising ways and means to tackle effectively threat perceptions emanating from various prospective flash points. Highlighting this country’s time tested and high cherished ideal of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” or this world is one family , he said that ”while much has been achieved, the original mission remains incomplete”. COVID showed its ugly face here in the event also where Heads of the governments avoided travelling to make it to the actual event and where pre-recorded video statements were sent .