UN defers action on 3 Pak NGOs after India seeks more info

UNITED NATIONS : A UN committee on non-governmental organisations has deferred action on the status of three Pakistani NGOs after India sought information about their funding and operational activities.
Pakistan, on its part, sought information on five Indian NGOs, resulting in the postponement of decision on their status.
The Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations recommended 55 groups for special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council and deferred action on the status of 45 others.
India asked for more information about Pakistan’s Muzaffarabad Poverty Alleviation Programme funding and nature of the group itself.
On another Pakistani NGO Support to Deprived Peoples, India asked why some of the funds received by the organization had not been utilized.
India also questioned whether Pukar Foundation of Pakistan planned to undertake international activities or establish international offices.
In all, decision on applications of eight Indian NGOs was deferred after representatives of Pakistan and India sought more information.
Pakistan asked for clarification about the sources of funding for a midday meal programme provided by India’s Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled and about the percentage of the group’s members that were female.
Pakistan raised concerns over Shivi Development Society of India’s membership fees and regarding India Water Foundation, the representative of Pakistan asked for a detailed breakdown of the foundation’s expenditure in writing.
The representatives of Pakistan and India asked why Kottayam Social Service Society of India’s financial statement mentioned “administrative income” instead of administrative costs. They also sought more information about India’s Sambhali Trust and the National Alliance of Women regarding funding and membership.
Action on status of three Indian NGOs – Kaushalya Gramodyog Sansthan of India, Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan and Sukalyan Welfare Society – was deferred after the Indian representative questioned about membership costs, budget and activities undertaken by the organizations.
A representative of India Water Foundation said it focused on water’s role in people’s lives, the environment, food production and energy, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.
Its experts worked with Indian Government officials and with counterparts in neighbouring countries, among them Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, United Nations programmes and conferences in Nairobi, Thailand, India and Pakistan.
The foundation’s application was however deferred.
The 19-member Committee vets applications submitted by non-governmental organizations, recommending general, special or roster status on the basis of criteria such as applicant’s mandate, governance and financial regime. (AGENCIES)


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