UK’s Director of Aviation lauds India for number of female pilots and Digi Yatra


New Delhi , March 22 : The Director of Aviation in the United Kingdom’s department of transport appreciated India on the number of female pilots and the implementation of Digi Yatra on Wednesday.
Rannia Leontaridi, the Director of Aviation and Director General of Civil Aviation (UK) shared her views on ‘designing a future-proof aviation & airports system’ at the CAPA India Aviation Summit 2023 in the national capital. She said the Digi Yatra is a phenomenal step by the government. She also said, “I am jealous of the number of female pilots in India. We are a little behind.”
During the conversation, she made her suggestion on how the UK and Indian governments can collaborate to accomplish goals.
“Regulation and policy should be about consumers more because aviation is for customers. A lot of governments worldwide focus too much on regulations and put consumers second,” said Rannia.
She added, “Customer charter to inform pax about rights was the first thing that came out of COVID in the UK. Other critical things were Digitisation, innovation, and decarbonization. We realised we have a difficult future ahead of us.”
During the conversation, she emphasized that customer-centric plans, Digitisation of services like innovation and technology and Decarbonisation are the key learnings during the pandemic and recovery path for the aviation industry. (ANI)