Ugly Elections

Elections of 2019 where people exercise their franchise for electing their representatives for forthcoming Lok Sabha demonstrated different stratagem. On the one hand Mahagathbandan of opposition left no stone unturned abusing PM at public meetings. Refeal deal has remained the central issue of the opposition leader. Attributing dengatory tags during campaigning against the Highest office of the country shows the mindset of our politicians.
In this election people have noted how power thirsty politicians try to lure voters in citing divisive forces and sectarian elements. We have also witnessed use muscle and money power at several places of the country during the voting hours. In this election communal and caste politics cards were played by several politicians without thinking of its repercussions. Personal attacks while campaigning were witnessed in these elections depicting unique political atmosphere of the country. Even Election Commission of India was attacked not once but on several occasions for EVM and labelled biased by opposite parties. Although Election Commission of India had taken notice of major complaints. Being an autonomous body we are supposed to trust this highest institution of the country. In this election people have shown examplary enthusiasm while standing in long queues for voting the candidate of their choice.
S N Raina