U-19 World Cricket Champions

Cricket is an undeclared national sport of India, the craze is visible not only in boys but girls also. The fact is that there is no discrimination between genders in India, factually girls outshine boys in many areas now in addition to academics. In cricket also while under 19 boys won the World Cup, our girls have performed equally well and won the coveted trophy in a thumping way, defeating England¬† convincingly. To perform in domestic leagues and play at international levels are two different ball games and it is so heartening to see our girls learning the tricks earnestly and giving us these proud moments. The performance of our spinners and fast bowlers was superb and it seems the future of the senior women’s team is also secure despite the recent retirements of some senior players. Performance under pressure, team spirit and individual hard work, all combined gives such kind of humongous achievement. Women’s cricket is growing by leaps and bounds in India, and parallel TV coverage of their cricket matches in India is the new norm. Support from BCCI has also played a much important role as the time-to-time tournaments, sponsors, medical support and other support staff, all have been arranged by BCCI. Further, a Women IPL has been announced, a much-needed robust financial support has been carved out. BCCI has also announced a five crore bounty for the World Cup-winning team, junior girls have delivered while senior ones failed in the finals. Indian advertisers should come forward to encourage our champions, it is a big opportunity to promote the products through star performers in IPL. Khelo India has also been another important factor as sports infra has been upgraded tremendously during the last few years, providing much-needed grounds. Talent was already there, burnishing has been done now. What a moment for every young TV-watching kid, nurturing a dream to perform like this is the real motivation, euphoria is not over yet.