Two South Kashmir washed away bridges

Agreed all those bridges washed away in 2014 devastating floods could not be rebuilt overnight but even after seven years of that horrifying experience some vital bridges connecting people to remain in the same damaged and even semi washed away conditions seems unjustified. For instance, two World Bank funded bridges in Rohmoo and Trenz areas of Pulwama and Shopian districts respectively having met with the same fate in 2014 continue to be not fully rebuilt till date. Whether proper procedure to be adopted for getting more funds released from the World Bank have been adopted is not known as reportedly funds have been released but the same are felt to be ”meagre”.
It is to be noted that both these bridges are of vital importance and were announced to be rebuilt in 2017 at a cost of Rs.34.56 crores for Trenz bridge and Rs.21.5 crores for Rohmoo bridge respectively though work on them having started faced other problems too due to phases of lockdown. However, the concerned authorities expressing hope that by September this year both the bridges would be complete in all respects is an encouraging development and we hope that no further delay took place as more than six years of long wait by the people of the areas around should end by that time.