Turkey’s ruling party says, Khashoggi couldn’t have been murdered without ‘high-level’ order

ANKARA, Nov 1: The ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) spokesperson Omer Celik said that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi could not have been killed without orders from high level officials.

According to Daily Sabah, Celik said it was not possible that Saudi officials had still not found the journalist’s body.

“We want to know where the body of Khashoggi is, we want that our authorities receive information about who the local collaborators are”, Celik said, Daily Sabah reported.

Reiterating that Turkey was not accusing anyone upfront, the spokesperson underscored that Ankara won’t allow any cover-ups relating to the incident.

Khashoggi, known for his criticism of Saudi Arabia’s policies, went missing after entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on Oct 2.

On October 20, Saudi authorities announced that the journalist died in a fight in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. Saudi Attorney General Saud al-Mojeb said that 18 Saudi nationals were under investigation in this connection. The international community condemned Khashoggi’s murder and called for a transparent investigation.



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