Try Pak in International Court of Justice for Genocides: Panelists

Panelists at international seminar on Holocaust Remembrance Day in New Delhi on Wednesday.
Panelists at international seminar on Holocaust Remembrance Day in New Delhi on Wednesday.

Excelsior Correspondent
NEW DELHI, Jan 27: Jammu and Kashmir Unity Foundation today demanded trial of Pakistan in International Court of Justice and announced its intent to form an International Alliance for Prevention of Genocides.
The panelists at the international seminar on the Holocaust Remembrance Day held at India International Centre, New Delhi today termed Pakistan as a genocidal nation which has been perpetrating genocide in the whole of Indian subcontinent including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Balochistan, Hazaras, Afghanistan etc.
They said Pakistan is the mother of terrorism and in each and every terrorist act across the world, Pakistan has a direct role.
The panelists included Bob Blackman, MP, United Kingdom Parliament (Online); Francois Gautier, Journalist & Author; Dr. Nuzhat Choudhury, Bangladesh; Dr. Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir; Bashir Assad, writer of K Files; Sandhya Jain, Author Balochistan in the Crosshairs and Ajaat jamwal, president Jammu Kashmir Unity Foundation.
Speaking on the occasion Bob Blackman in his message said that UK officially observes International Holocaust Day and it was imperative that the victims of genocides and right thinking people come together to fight for prevention of genocide.
Dr. Nuzhat Choudhaury from Bangladesh said that her country has been a victim of genocide at the hands of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Pakistani Army killed Bangladeshis in 1971 without differentiating between Hindus or Muslims.
Dr. Ajay Chrungoo narrated the tales of horror faced by Kashmiri Hindus at the hands of Pakistan sponsored terrorist.
Francois Gautier spoke on genocide of Kashmiri Hindus, genocide in Bangladesh and Pakistan.
Sandhya Jain narrated the tales of exploitation of Balochistan.
Bashir Assad said that disruptionists need to be tackled with firm hands.
Ajaat Jamwal President Jammu Kashmir Unity Foundation said that United Nation has not recognized the genocides in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and J&K perpetuated by genocidal nation Pakistan.
Dr. Gopal Parthasarthi Sharma welcomed the guest and conducted the programme.
Prominent among others present were Elena Bistiu, Charge D Affairs, Embassy of Romania, Dr. Vijay Sagar Dheman, Col. Rakesh Aima, Sushil Pandit, panelist, S.P Slathia, Dr. Monika Langeh, Dr. Pawan Dutta, Vikram Singh Jasrotia, Gotam Singh, Amit Gupta and others.