He was a true movie star: Julianne Moore remembers Burt Reynolds

LOS ANGELES, Sept 9: Oscar winner Julianne Moore has mourned the death of veteran actor Burt Reynolds, calling him a “true movie star”.
Reynolds, best known for his roles in “Deliverance” and “Boogie Nights,” died at a hospital in Florida on Thursday. He was 82.
Moore, 57, who acted alongside Reynolds in Paul Thomas Anderson’s porn industry drama “Boogie Nights”, revealed that before the film, they had worked together on the series “B.L. Stryker”.
“I loved Burt. I loved him. Not only did I work with him in ‘Boogie Nights’, but he had a TV show in the ’80s called ‘B.L. Stryker’. I got a job on it and it was shot in Jupiter, Florida, and I came down and shot for two weeks.
“He was so gracious and so lovely,” Moore told Variety on the sidelines of Toronto International Film Festival.
Moore reminisced about meeting Reynolds on the sets of “Boogie Nights” and said she was very saddened by the death of the actor.
“All those years later when we worked on ‘Boogie Nights’, I went and knocked on his door was like, ‘Hey, Burt, do you remember me?’ and he was like, ‘Yes, come in’. He was always so wonderful, a true movie star. I was very saddened by his death,” she said. (PTI)