Tribute to a social worker

O P Sharma

Kewal Krishan Gupta, a noted social worker, passed away last week leaving a “void” in social service in the field of eye ailments. Like his well-known father Lal Chand Gupta, Mr Gupta also carved out a place in the hearts of many people for “free treatment” of eye ailments at famous Gupta Eye Lotion Clinic, City Chowk, Jammu established in the year 1931.
There were lack of medical services and public awareness about healthful living and prevalence of common diseases was high. This small eye clinic played a pivotal role in providing relief to minor ailment patients , especially the poor and needy.
Centre of Service
This centre of service for low cost or even free treatment for eye ailments has been rendering valuable medical aid for over half a century now. After the demise of his father, Kewal Krishan Gupta was actively involved in providing much needed this facility. And his departure for his heavenly abode on October 16, 2018 he is being remembered for the yeoman’s work rendered to poor people.
It is noteworthy that this Gupta family, belonging to Ghoregali in Sialkote area, in pre-Partition period headed by L C Gupta shifted to Jammu during 1931 with high public- spirit and sense of social work. He set up Gupta Eye Lotion clinic at City Chowk, and started rendering “low cost” treatment for eye ailments and gradually gained popularity. There was always rush of patients at this clinic known for patience and deep sense of service of LC Gupta and later Kewal Krishan Gupta who had stepped into his father’s shoes and earned the goodwill of the patients of all sections of the society.
Fond Remembrance
Kewal Krishan Gupta’s son Ravinder Gupta gave details of the story of self-less service rendered both by his grandfather LC Gupta as well as father Kewal Krishan Gupta.The deceased Kewal Gupta had completed graduation and afterwards joined the Gupta Eye lotion clinic, Jammu and earned the confidence and trust of the eye patients.
Some of the patients still fondly recall the “positive attitude and god-gifted healing touch” in this eye clinic.
Narrating her story of eye treatment quite some time back , Shakuntla Devi,76 years , of Talab Tillo said “I got well at the Gupta Eye Clinic.’’ Noor Mohammad talked about the restoration of “light of his 7-year son Junaid ” and now remembera this Gupta family and adds : “we pray that God may bless his soul”. There can be no other award or prize for the selfless service!
Example for Service
It may be mentioned that the founder of this Eye Clinic , L C Gupta had a spiritual bent of mind and his mother had instructed him to serve the humanity at all costs and in every circumstance . The service to ailing mankind is true worship of the Almighty and this advice always remained with this family which is still undertaking social service.
Kewal Krishan Gupta will be remembered for his social services and contribution to the society.
(Starline Syndicate Service)