Training Centre in Manasbal again

It is quite heartening to note that the Indian Navy has decided to restart or revive the training activities in Manasbal in Ganderbal district of Kashmir for the NCC cadets of the UT. Such a step having been taken after a long period of 33 years during which on account of eruption of militancy in Kashmir , the training centre was temporarily closed. While it denotes an appreciable ”overall” improvement in the ”climate” of the militancy affected part of the country, at the same time on account of excellent natural environ for undertaking training by the NCC cadets , the area of Manasbal (Lake) is considered to be ideal.
Manasbal Development Authority is, therefore, reported to be in readiness to provide the requisite support in terms of camping and other infrastructure etc to the trainees. Two training boats are already available for the cadet trainees which have been brought here from Mansar Lake. Since training in Navy is something very special, therefore, 100 cadets both boys and girls from Jammu and Kashmir are jubilant in joining the training courses. NCC is playing an important role in getting acquainted with the elementariness in respect of military training by the cadets besides attuning to the required discipline necessary for wishing to joining armed forces.