Train journey

During winter season, it is a common occurence that trains and planes get delayed due to dense fog. The delay time runs between 5 hrs to 12 hrs. At times trains have to be cancelled  as a consequence of it. The delay and cancellation causes great inconvenience to passengers, even some passengers have to bear monetary loss. This pattern repeats almost every year. But we have never serious to find a solution to this perennial problem. As technology is making rapid advances in various fields to overcome such problems, it should have been tested in the railway sector as well. If it is not possible to make use of technology in this way, the Railways must inform the passengers beforehand about the arrival and departure of trains, so that they do not have to take trouble of getting stuck in trains and waiting for resumption of service. During travel children and patients are the worst sufferers.
Besides, we citizen  have to shoulder some responsibilities. Before embarking on the journey, it is necessary we take with us certain essential items which may help us in difficult situation. For example,  milk powder for children should be in bag in case we have infants with us. In nut shell, we should step out fully prepared to meet any exigency during the course of travel.
The Government on its part should improve the requisite infrastructure at all railway platforms for smooth journey of travellers.
Yours etc….
Khalid Bashir
Delhi University


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