Traffic chaos in towns and cities

This refers to the editorial, ‘Traffic Chaos ‘(DE, mJan 26,2015). There is no doubt that with the rise in standard of living, the number of vehicles of various categories have gone up sharply whereas the roads, by and large, have remained the same.The result is that these roads often remain choked with vehicular traffic leading to traffic problems.The problem of traffic chaos is further aggravated due to the slackness of the men in blue who often remain mute spectators to the incidents of traffic violations happening under their very nose.They come into action only when some mishap takes place.
The other law enforcing agencies such as police, officers/ officials of Municipal Corporations/ Councils etc too pay little attention to the encroachments on the roadside by the shopkeepers who cover the pavements by displaying their merchandise and goods with the result that pedestrians have no option but to walk on the roads instead of footpaths,which in some cases, unfortunately leads to mishaps involving loss of life/ injury to the pedestrian.The drivers of minibuses contribute a lot towards traffic chaos as they stop their vehicles wherever they find passangers and never move further till the other vehicle arrives.
It is surprising why the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act are not invoked in cases of traffic violations such as overspeeding, playing music systems/using mobile phones/not wearing seat belts while driving etc.The vendors selling fruit, vegetables and other things take their pushcarts from one place to another adding to the traffic chaos.In some cases, the drivers park their vehicles on the roadside,which leads to traffic jams.
Thus, the need of the hour is to take steps to create awareness among the people, drivers and traffic cops about the need to inculcate traffic sensibility and obey traffic rules in order to avoid loss of lives and injury.There should be fixed places for the vendors to sell their commodities.The drivers of passanger buses/ minibuses should be allowed to pick up passangers only from fixed spots and those stopping at places other than the fixed ones need to be heavily fined to avoid recurrence of such violations.
All these steps, if implemented in letter and spirit, will usher in a revolution in the system of traffic and people will heave a relief of sigh from the traffic jams to which they are exposed so often.
Yours etc….
Ashok  Sharma,
Flat No4, Housing Colony, Udhampur.


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