Tracking the trail of seized Hawala money

Despite numerous measures taken by the Government in largely containing the well organised process of pumping in the Hawala money for undesirable purposes and to fan such activities which are prejudicial to the security and integrity of the country, cases, though sporadic are still there where such activities are carried out. Recently, in a successful operation seizure of Hawala money, a whooping amount of Rs. 42 lakh by the Police and State Investigating Agency (SIA) meant for passing on to terrorist outfits in South Kashmir and arresting four persons including a couple from Punjab shows how channels of financing terror operations are continuously attempted from across the border to be kept running.
The arrested persons, expectedly could reveal all that was required to smash the network and reach up to the kingpin of promoter of such anti national activities. That these arrested persons could be on recurring basis indulging in such activities of pumping Hawala money into the terror outfits still operating in some parts of Kashmir, cannot be ruled out. Both the aspects, therefore, that of the source or the fountain point of such money as well as whether the present act was their maiden attempt or they were ”habitual carriers”, must be ascertained and we feel the investigating team must be working on that aspect. Links in and possibly supply points from Punjab and Haryana in respect of the matter denotes that Hawala money channels have broadened their network, Government’s tough measures for the last over three years notwithstanding.