Tourism in Rajouri

I would like to highlight the scope of tourism in districts Rajouri and Poonch with the objective to invite the attention of the concerned department towards development of tourists spots.
Let me take up district Rajouri with climatic conditions ranging from subtropical to semitemprate thereby creating a big scope for holiday tourism. The people belonging to subtropical areas like Sunderbans and Nowshera used to visit the areas of semitemprate zone like Budhil and Thanamandi as well as upper reaches like Deragali, Noori Chhamb and Peergali, but nothing has been done to attract and facilitate the prospective tourists.
Similarly, there is a big scope for religious tourism in district Rajouri and Poonch. For example, the shrine of Shadara Shrief in Thanamandi Rajouri and Peer Ganja,Nangali Sahib, and Buddha Amernath in Poonch are some of the prominent places of religious tourism. Besides, the Mangladevi fort, Seri, Mangla Mata shrine in Bhawani, Baba Bhiram Shah Temple Jhangar,Old Temple,Channiprat etc are some places which need to be considered for development as tourist spots.
O P Sharma
Bagnoti, Nowshera