Tough stance against militants’ sympathisers

It is simple law that giving shelter to any accused is an offence in itself and when such shelter is given knowingly to a person or group of persons who are wedded to violence and carrying out acts of killing and causing destruction, the offence assumes sensitive proportions. As a deterrent, the UT Police is embarking upon a process to be initiated against such providers of shelter (and logistics) to militants by seizing their immovable properties. Where encounters took place outside those houses and other immovable properties where the militants were found hiding and given shelter to spill blood of innocents, carrying attacks on the Police, security forces and indulge in other heinous crimes having been identified, are going to be seized.
Not only seizure of such properties but legal action, in addition, is going to be taken against such owners of properties used for sheltering militants. With this move, the message can go loud and clear that in restoration of full peace and tranquillity, every effort needed, would be made and the people too, in this connection, needed to extend full co-operation to the authorities, in their own interest.