‘Tough cop’ Bedi gets emotional, vows to return people’s love

NEW DELHI :  BJP’s Chief Ministerial nominee Kiran Bedi, known for her image as a tough police officer, today turned emotional while addressing a roadshow and said she will return the people’s love by serving them.
Overwhelmed with the affection of people who had got tea flasks for her at the roadshow in Krishnanagar constituency from where she is contesting her maiden election, Bedi broke down and was seen wiping her tears.
“I have no words for the kind of love I am getting. I will return the love to them. I will try my best to remain capable of getting their love. We will serve them with honesty,” the former IPS officer said with moist eyes.
Earlier, she also attacked Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal for daring the government to arrest him over allegations of receiving dubious funding, saying he “is doing this to remain in news”.
“Kejriwal is one such person who wants to be in news at any cost. I know him from long before and negativity also suits him much. How will he stay in news otherwise?
“It’s not surprising for me that he is saying that ‘arrest me’. That’s what he wants. He wants to go to jail and garner votes by misleading people,” she told reporters.
Responding to her jibe, AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal said, “They keep on hurling allegations against us. Now they are saying we used hawala money. I want to ask in past 65 years since when hawala money is taken by cheque? Hawala is one such transaction which is done outside banks. If we had done something wrong, why would we put it on our website.”
“I felt hurt yesterday when the Finance Minister said on TV that we have been caught red handed. They have all the agencies under them. If I have done anything wrong they should arrest me,” he said.
“I want to say this to Bedi too. I have worked with her for three years. I still respect her but in politics there are certain limits that we should follow,” added Kejriwal.
AAP leader Ashutosh also defended Kejriwal and said the people will respond to the “negative” campaign by BJP.
“If she (Bedi) thinks Kejriwal is like that, we have no problems with it. In Delhi, the way BJP has done a negative campaign, used abusive language and tried to spread hatred, Delhi is watching and will respond to all this,” the AAP leader said. (AGENCIES)


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