Top tips for traveling with kids

Traveling can be a wonderful experience for children. It’s a great chance for them to experience new activities, foods, and cultures, plus you get to spend plenty of quality time together as a family. Yet the idea of taking little ones abroad can also be a bit daunting for parents! With that in mind, here are some top tips for going abroad with your young adventurers.

Get them involved in the planning stage

While no one is suggesting that you let the kids have free rein over where you go and what you do on vacation, having some involvement can be fun and help them get more excited about the trip. For example, you might let them pick whether they do a snorkeling tour or a surfing class during a beach getaway. That way, they’ll feel more empowered and engaged in both the planning and the activities.

Choose kid-friendly activities and book in advance

It’s undeniable that some attractions and activities are more suitable for kids than others, so plan your itinerary accordingly. While it’s good to include some educational sights such as museums, a full day of this is likely to get boring for little ones. Mix it up with San Diego Zoo tickets or a trip to a theme park, and try to book these in advance to avoid long queues or sold-out events.

Pick your accommodation carefully

Choosing a suitable place to stay on vacation is extra important when you have children. Before booking a hotel, check to see if they have amenities such as a kids’ club or swimming pool to keep the little ones entertained. Alternatively, you can rent a holiday home from a platform such as Airbnb, which usually enables you to have a bit more space than a hotel room and the option to cook your own meals.

Make a detailed packing list

This point is especially important if you’re traveling with infants because they tend to need a larger amount of gear. Make a list of all the clothes, toiletries, equipment, and other items you’re likely to require and check off each one as you pack it. Where possible, try to get mini versions of products to save some space in your luggage.

Give yourself extra time

As anyone who has kids knows, doing anything with them is likely to take longer than it would if you were by yourself. Therefore be sure to always leave extra time when catching a flight or visiting an attraction with a specific time slot – that way, you won’t end up in a panicked rush or getting stranded at the airport!

Research food options

Lots of children are picky about what they eat, and trying to find suitable meals abroad can be a challenge depending on where you’re traveling to. As such, it’s sensible to do some research before your trip to find out which are the best child-friendly restaurants and cafes in the area (and maybe where the nearest familiar chains such as Mcdonald’s are – just in case!). Having some snacks on hand throughout the trip is also wise!