Top 6 Ways to Enjoy Dubai Marina

Today, Dubai stands out as the most attractive destination that people talk about and would love to visit given the opportunity. Winter months are the best time to visit Dubai with January and February being the busiest months with the Dubai Shopping festival taking place and more tourists streaming in for various products and services like the dhow cruise Dubai Marina.

There are usually different ways you can enjoy dhow cruise Dubai Marina, but it all depends on your budget and taste.

5 Star Hotels

If you want to spend some time in Dubai with your family or friends you may want to check out some of the luxurious hotels built around the Marina. The hotels offer world-class services and are manned by very professional staff who are always ready to make your stay a memorable experience. You can find the best menu choices in the world in these hotels and most importantly the view of the Marina from the rooftops of some of them is stunning.

Dhow Cruise Marina and views

Dubai Marina is a place filled with very beautiful floating restaurants fitted with modern equipment and facilities. What you are likely to love about the dhow cruise is the night-time skyline beauty and the spectacular view of the glowing skyscrapers dotted around the marina. The landmarks that the dhow cruise goes through are very noticeable whether you are cruising during the day or night time.

Dubai Canal is incredibly filled with some fantastic landmarks along the way which is why it has become a prime cruise location for most floating restaurants. Even more stunning is the beauty shown by skyscrapers along the canal with different mesmerizing man made designs.

Luxury Dinner Cruise

Some of the posh dinner cruises are found in Dubai, for example, Alexandra Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina is accredited for providing high-quality floating restaurant services and boasts of top ratings from satisfied visitors all over Dubai and the world. It usually operates during the evenings; therefore you can venture into the later evening dinner.

Entertainment onboard

If you are in love with music, it is more of a reason why you need to book Alexandra Dhow Cruise. You may not get your favorite artists performing, but you will still enjoy crazy live show music from the super talented resident female vocalist and Tanura dancers. Today the service may be inconsistent because of the pandemic.


If you are up for some adrenaline rush, Sky diving on top of Dubai Marina is all you need. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the city and especially the view of Marina from the sky.The experience is even more with a wider view which you cannot get easily from the rooftops.

Marina mall

The shopping experience is even better in Dubai, if you are visiting between January and February, you will get to experience the largest Dubai shopping festival. The mall is very modern and you can literally find anything that matches your style.