Top 5 Advantages of Using a GPS Tracker with Dash Cam for Your Fleet

Dash Cams have become undeniably popular over the last few years, especially among fleet businesses. There is a wide range available in the market that facilitates our needs, which can sometimes become a daunting task while selecting the best option. Many dash cams today also form part of a GPS tracker.The technology is helping make our roads safer for both general public and fleet drivers.

Initially, dash cams were bulky and took a larger space on the windshield. The advancements in technology havenow made the productlightweight and easier to operate. Dash cams with GPS tracker use the latest technology to provide best services that are useful in more than one form.Most fleet businesses these days now leverage the technology for better operations.

Here are some advantages of dash cams with a GPS tracker that can be useful, if you are a fleet business owner:

Fleet-Wide GPS Monitoring

A dash cam with GPS tracker comes in handy for every commercial fleet manager or owner. ‘Personal miles’ in a commercial vehicle can sometimes put yourbusiness at risk of accidents or unpleasant situations on the road. If a dash cam with GPS tracker is installed in your fleet, you can avoid such mishappenings. The GPS tracker will keep you updated with its live-location feature, which enables you to know your vehicle’s current location and if the driver has taken the exact route.

Foster and Improve Driver Behavior

A trustworthy team is essential for every business, especially for a fleet business where employees and an employer are not always on the same premises. In such scenarios, extra protection, for your expensive fleet and its operation, doesn’t hurt. If you install a dash cam with GPS tracker in your fleet, an instant level of caution is added to their routine. It will further help improve the driver’s behavior overall.

Trip History

The device saves each trip history in its memory that you can access anytime to analyze long halts and the total duration of the journey.You will also know the route taken by your employee to reach a destination with accurate time. If there are any conflicts related to the trip, you can always check history to make informeddecisions. Modern GPS tracker with a dash cam also saves videos of the journey that can help you make better decisions.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Over time, your GPS tracker with dash cam accumulatesmassive history data that you can use to optimize daily routes taken by your fleet. It will further help you improve your fleet’s efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Route optimization also helps save overhead fuel costs.

Intelligent Alerts

An advanced GPS tracker offers AI-based alerts for parameter breaches. The device sends alerts whenever your vehicle takes long halts, has an idle engine, running AC, loud noise in the cabin, and similar situations. Thedevice sends immediate alerts to your phone connected with the device. It helps take immediate action if anything goes wrong.

KENT CamEye is an advanced GPS tracker with dual-cameras that helps you keep track of your fleet’s live-location while monitoring the vehicle inside-out. The device helps keep an eye onyour fleet, especially the vehicles that are not in premises.KENT CamEye helps ensure the safety of your vehicle, passenger, and goods while observing your driver’s behavior. Apart from mentioned advantages, this advanced GPS tracker with dash cam also offers two-way calling feature, which helps you communicate with the drivers when their phones run out of battery.

The device will help ensure the utmost safety of your vehicle inside-out. You can buy it online on Amazon.