To PMs of Pakistan, India

This letter is addressed to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I urge them not to push India and Pakistan people into war and a big war wherein innocent people on both the sides are getting killed, maimed and injured for no fault of theirs. They are victims because they are on borders, LoC and international borders. Farmers and hapless people are suffering. Think of common citizens of India and Pakistan. The future  of present generations of both the countries lies in the hands of present politicians, bureaucrats,  industrialists, businessmen who are dependent on farmers of both the nations for their and their children’s livelihood which is not money but the food stuff, milk, water and oxygen. These people have to understand that if air, water and food items are present and grown for future generations and the present generation only then the two nations would survive and exist. If we go on fighting as nations our human lives on both the sides would perish ! We would have no future. There is need to think and think very rationally. It is not a question of prestige on either side of the borders of international border (LoC or IB). It is not Mr  Modi and Mr Sharief who has to act. It is  the team of Mr Modi and the team of Mr Sharief who have to act and protect the citizens of both the countries. We would have to leave the culture of  gun and rifles and dismantle all war structures everywhere in the world if human life has to exist and pass on to 2020 and ahead.
Help farmers to grow food for all. Let every citizen be ‘the farmer first’ and the last to be the fighter, if their need be. “If Mr Modi made first attempt to involve Mr Sharief on oath taking ceremony, Mr Sharief had to stop all from  raining bullets” first from his side. If everything has gone  in wrong hands it is the leadership in Pakistan and then in India. If Gandhi family had acted in time; these situations would have not arisen and killing on both the sides would have been a history of 1947. The big question is who should act and that too, act in time without any for and favour? My suggestion would be to Mr Sharief to act in time. Now it is his turn to respond to goodwill of India for the people of Pakistan. Let us be friends and use the soil of both the countries to grow food for both these nations with the help of waters from the heaven that flows through rivers on ground. Let the resources of both the nations  be not wasted on ‘wars, but on growing food and life on this mother planet ‘Earth’. Would this call become a clarion call for all on both the sides of the borders which are  now Pakistan and Hindustan teaming more than 1.6 billion people ? Stop every bullet because  it kills  all without understanding of its own.
Yours etc….
Dr Bipan Chander
Adarsh Colony