“To my younger self…”

Gehna Kochhar
“To my younger self..”
“My heart aches for the girl I was,
The girl that lost herself to impart hope to others.
The hesitant girl afraid to speak up for what her heart felt, The one ready to give up everything
Just to see smiles on her fellow’s face. “
I wish I could go back and tell her that the world isn’t as sweet as it’s portrayed, The laughs aren’t as genuine as they are heard, It’s all a lie, sometimes or maybe always.
Here’s to my younger self, For loving everyone more than she loved herself.
But you think that made her weak?
No that made her the strongest- “because after you’ve loved so much, after you’ve been through all the hate, after all the heartbreaks and the acceptance of your fears,
You meet yourself.
You explore yourself.
You go on, on a journey to a destination that’s unseen, Not known to anyone including you,
You go on to believe there’s no one who’s going to love you for you more than you yourself.
Is there anything better than that?
In a life that’s so uncertain, So cruel yet so welcoming, Why wouldn’t we want to live, laugh ,and love, or is it just in the books?
Being a child, My heart used to desire for people to love me, For them to complete me, To make me feel better about my self, To make me realize my worth?
“But growing up I discover why wasn’t I ever my first choice?
“ The love we give to others is the love we deserve.”
We were too young to understand this.
But now…
You’ve to be the one who picks up all the broken pieces, and it’s on you whether to make the best out of it or let the broken pieces hurt your soul for life. It’s you who decides.
Here’s to another year of never looking back and growing stronger!