Time for al Zawahri to introspect

Liyakat Ali Khan
“The recent statement of Al Qaeda Chief Sheikh Ayman al Zawahri must serve as an eye opener to one and all especially Muslim Ummah.His statement must shakeup the consciousness of those who believe that they are fighting for the religion of Islam.Al-Qaeda chief has exposed Pakistan Army and it’s intelligence agency ISI.He in his statement has exposed the modus operandi and the nexus between Pakistan Army, ISI and CIA.In his statement Al-Qaeda chief has revealed how Pakistan destroyed Afghanistan. He claims how Pakistan Government in order to get funds from America arrested thousands of Mujhahideen and handed them over to CIA. He further says that Pakistani Army officers and the officers within ISI were bribed and given incentives at individual levels to make them work against the Mujhahideen they created once themselves.Al Zawahri further explains how Pakistan Army and ISI helped Americans to go all out against those who were involved in jihad for the sake of Allah. He claims that many Mujhahideen died in secret torture centers of ISI. According to him Mujhahideen for Pakistan and it’s Army are just specific political objectives which can be dumped and persecuted later according to their convenience because it helps them to fill their pockets with bribes and illegitimate wealth.One very important point which the Al-Qaeda chief highlights which attracted my attention is that he says even after seventy years of Pakistan’s independence Shariah is not in Pakistan.He says Shariah is absent from legal system, commerical domains and from the constitution of Pakistan.He says that Pakistani constitution is fully loaded with the contradictions which confront with the shariah.He makes an important observation in his statement that in the absence of Shariah guidelines Mujhahideen easily turn into murderers, gangs involved in kidnapping for ransoms and blackmailing.
In the beginning of his statement Al-Qaeda chief has called for a Jihad against India and has directed Mujhahideen to inflict “unrelenting blows” on the Indian Army and the Government.I have few questions doing rounds in my mind which I wish I could ask Al-Qaeda chief.If according to him shariah is absent from Pakistan then what was he, his organisation and his former leader Osma bin laden doing in Afghanistan and for whom.Why is he shying from saying that Pakistan facilitated the operation in which Osama bin laden was killed.How and under what conditions he claims to be a Mujhahid and doing Jihad when the whole concept was not only compromised but was started on the behest of CIA.When Russians invaded Afghanistan America was uncomfortable with it.They at that time used services of late Gen Zia ul Haq to throw Russia out of Afghanistan.Gen Zia ul Haq used lot of religious groups all across the globe exploiting religious sentiments of muslims by giving a call for Jihad.It was in this context that many religious groups within and outside Pakistan started sending their cadres to Afghanistan for Jihad against Russia without knowing that the whole game is being played by CIA. Pakistani Authorities, Army and ISI were just commission agents who got benefitted tremendously on individual levels. It was the same Jihad of which Al-Qaeda, Osama bin laden and Al Zawahri were part of. In his statement when he himself says that in absence of Shariah guidelines Mujhahideen turn into murderers, gang of kidnappers and extortionists then a valid question which arises is was he too was part of the same factory of Jihad which has nothing to do with Shariah and Islam.Pakistan over decades have produced lacs of such murderers, kidnappers, extortionists and have deputed them world over especially Afghanistan and Kashmir.It’s time for Al Zawahri and the millions all across the globe pursuing Jihad against different countries to go for deep introspection.
It’s time for them to set their own houses in order before setting the world in order.It’s high time for him and millions who are on the same path to set the so called epicenter of Jihad in order before pursuing it further.It’s totally uncalled for to give a call for Jihad before blaming Pakistan, It’s Army and ISI. Let all so called Mujahedeen all across the globe work for enforcing Shariah in Pakistan.I think that’s what’s going to make their case stronger and relevant.I hope Al Zawahri will introspect along with others before pursuing this Jihad further in absence of Shariah.We definitely need not murderers kidnappers and extortionists.Hope better sense prevails.”


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