Tighten loose, threads of verification & selection

In other words, there should be somewhat of a connect between police /CID verification of the selected candidates after the due process of recruitment like passing through entrance /competitive examinations , interviews and other formalities and other agencies so that residual processes though of import do not take unreasonably long time. Why should otherwise those resident Doctors who stand ”cleared” by Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission for various posts of consultant doctors in respect of the list provided to the Commission in the year 2019 and the whole process accordingly completed by the PSC in September 2021 continue to be just waiting for ”orders” of posting ? Why should Police and CID verification take as much as five long months when there is the time of one month prescribed for conducting such verification by the police personnel. Should delays unaccounted and unspecified not be made known with cogent reasons? Though out of reference, what if same delay or even more was caused to them when they were in the same process of recruitment?
It is not that all the said 90 candidates are ”enjoying” such a delay and long wait since most of them have quit their previous jobs which they were doing in various parts of the country and their anxiety can well be imagined. On discreet enquiries, it is learnt that the “”file” has been sent to the Secretariat for ”necessary action” and decision is awaited. When shall the system be freed of the obsolete culture of “File” and ”awaiting necessary action” as it is the touchstone of the claims of the government of ”good governance” is the most important question.