TiE Hyderabad, SRIX announces partnership to providee incubation Support for women entrepreneurs

Hyderabad, Jul 17: TiE Hyderabad and SR Innovation Exchange (SRIX) on Friday announced a multi-year partnership to provide incubation support for the Women Entrepreneurs participating in TiE Women Mentor Camps.

TiE Women Hyderabad chapter a Global Network of Entrepreneurs and SRIX, a Technology Business incubator under SR University, has agreed to partner to provide incubation support for the 70+ Women Entrepreneurs undergoing the TiE Women Mentor Camps in addition to mentoring, hand-holding and guidance as a long term commitment to enable and enhance their journey, TiE Hyderabad said in a release here.

Under the partnership, TiE Hyderabad will conduct a series of boot camps in the initial phase of building businesses, to nurture and get them access to seed funding, the market connects to validate the business models plus establish revenue traction.

Announcing a unique union of the two organizations with one goal, TiE Hyderabad President and Ctrls Chairman and Managing Director, Sridhar PinnapuReddy, said it is a win-win partnership, bolstering TiE Women members to gain structured incubation support in addition to TiE Mentoring.

However, this collaborative learning will enable broadening the outcome of entrepreneurship vision for each of the idea and concept stage women entrepreneurs.

SRIX CEO, Sreedevi Devireddy stated this strategically fits into SRIX objectives to encourage Women Entrepreneurship and provide them the much-needed incubation support during their early growth phase.

More importantly at a later stage, TiE partnership will also help to make a huge impact globally. (UNI)