Thus spake Musharraf on Kashmir

Shiban  Khaibri
In a race to emerge relevant in Pakistani politics through the Kashmir rant, it is now the turn of an accused and an under trial, former    President of Pakistan Parvez Musharraf. The truth, it is said, cannot remain hidden for long and Pakistan has been exposed by Musharraf by his uttering in an interview given by him to a Pakistani TV Channel that “we have been doing it and can send hundreds of thousands of our people to join Kashmiris in their fight against India.” He did proceed a bit further and most treacherously exhorted that “Kashmiris need to be incited at frequent intervals”. He has thus pitted Indians against Indians with intention to cause rebellion in a free democratic sovereign state and a planning to wage war against this country.  He has made himself fall in line with the most wanted criminals by India hiding in Pakistan to be subjected to justice. Words of such a  nature spoken by an ex – Head of a country, cannot be taken lightly and have international ramifications which, besides confirming the belief of international comity about Pakistan being a terror manufacturing country, has  also seen in it reiterating its direct and naked involvement in the strife and violence in Kashmir. The involvement of Pakistan is now made by the interview of Musharraf overt and has helped the international community to see the real face of Pakistan in Kashmir.
Kashmir has been ruined by Pakistan through its proxy war both in terms of peace and social structure, even denying them, under threat from its gun toting outlaws, the basic elementary pleasure of watching a movie in a cinema hall which Kashmiris were fond of and got most of them burnt or shut down permanently with the result that no cinema Hall is operative there for the last 25 years while Pakistan itself is seeing its own film industry progressing vertically and horizontally with introduction of exiting  romance, fashion and western tint into its movies with  no veils for women artists. In Kashmir, however, its terrorists and agents must prescribe the dress code even for school going small girls.  Pakistan has tried to deny even the education to the Kashmiri students to keep them “available for Jihad” and for (stone) pelting the security forces. Those who fell in the trap laid by Pakistan must have seen through the chicanery and deceit pursued by it even in the name of religion. They ended up in encounters or in jails or in terror camps of Pakistan and brought their families grief and despair. Even now, as per reports, some educated youth from the valley are being pushed into joining terrorism which is a disturbing trend. This trend has got to be reversed to defeat the manoeuverings  of Pakistan as employing this move has not changed the position of Kashmir, not in the least,  any favourable  for Pakistan all these 25 years and is  likely to remain the same forever.
Omar Abdullah, the Chief Minister  of the State has condemned the statement of Musharaf by saying that he has himself admitted that the people of Kashmir need to be “incited” at “regular intervals” and that there was no indigenous struggle for (so called)  “Aazadi”.  Musharraf did not keep it any secret when he opened the beans of the diabolic moves of Pakistan against this country by saying that the Pakistani army was ready for war with India and lakhs of people in Pakistan were willing to go and fight for Kashmir. The former President facing murder and treason charges in the country from where he was exiled, wanted to get noticed as a figure among ciphers of Pakistan and placate the Army there that was calling shots in Pakistan’s politics, diplomacy and administration. That is why he said,”India should not be under the illusion that Pakistan will not hit back”.
Musharraf, as on date, is an accused and got bail with great difficulty. The charges against him are that of committing murders and treason which, under Pakistani laws, could  make him face the same ultimate fate as  Zulfikar  Ali  Bhutoo  and, therefore, he has chosen the easiest and the “accepted” route generally treaded in Pakistan, that of crying “Kashmir”, to get concessions or any reprieve,  al-beit through   Pakistan army.  Look at his condemnable cheap demeanor by saying that “We are Muslims and will not show the other cheek when we are slapped” in context of the recent firings and shelling on the LoC and the International Border.  A person who overthrew an “elected Government” in 1999 in Pakistan and grabbed power, a person who with deceit and treachery attacked Kargil as a “response” to the extra mile walked friendship gestures and good will extended by the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, can come in this colour, should not upset us as we have all these 65 years of Pakistan’s birth, been sufferers in one way or the other, due to its mechanizations, born out of hate and religious frenzy. The time has now come that the matter is decided once for all. Facing proxy wars and the death and destruction inflicted on us since the early Eighties has cost our economy and our efforts of building India into a formidable power. The venom spewed by the former Dictator President of Pakistan need not to be taken lightly. The greatest weapon with Pakistan is the same basis on which it separated from this country, the factor of religion. This factor is confronted by us with pluralistic philosophy of peaceful co- existence as followers of different faiths and beliefs, languages, customs etc live together peacefully and march ahead jointly in self development and the nation’s development.
The religious card vigorously played by Pakistani successive rulers have created problems not only in Kashmir but in other parts of the country as well though not to the extent of what they have been up to in Kashmir right from 1947. The extreme religious card preached and pursued by its agent saboteurs, the separatists and its mercenaries in Kashmir has resulted in hard core radicalization there and has finished glimpses, though in hiccups, of the composite culture and peaceful co-existence. Elsewhere across the country, its sleeper cells and saboteurs are busy in unlawful activities which speak for what we witnessed in West Bengal’s eastern parts like Bardwan. On the similar pattern as in Jammu sector, secret tunnels have been found there for escaping of terrorists and for supplying arms and ammunition.  Who is behind all this, is known to all as also to the international community.
Pakistan is trying newer methods and modes to push terror and proxy wars with more teeth into many parts of India through Nepal and Bangladesh routes, using Kashmir as a major launching pad. It is astonishing that while today’s world is occupied with fighting unemployment, economic dormancy, energy and environmental crisis, population explosions and pressures on land and limited natural resources and different countries are getting closer on economic front, Pakistan continues to be  mired in the whirlpool of rabid religious fundamentalism and manufacture and export of terror.  Civilized world has to take a formidable note of it and ensure that Pakistan can exist on the map only if it abhors and bids adieu to promoting proxy war against India. The danger otherwise is that Pakistan  which  reared and sustained terror all these years and continues to do it as a state policy, might be taken  over by it along with its nuclear  inventory and pose threat for the world peace.